Coastal Knot Weddings | Caitlyn & Colter


A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding

From the bride, Caitlyn:

What (or who) helped you most in your planning process and/or on your wedding day?

My mom and bridesmaids kept me sane!  My groom was deployed during most of the planning process and we were also planning to move to another state during the same month of our wedding.  Life was pretty hectic.  If it wasn’t for all the phone calls and e-mails from my girls, I don’t know how I would have made it all happen!

A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding

What was the most important thing to you when deciding whom to work with for your wedding?

We would be willing to pay a little more to work with people who love what they do!  If that meant cutting the budget somewhere else, it was worth it.  Colter and I truly value great customer service, and those who love what they do always go above and beyond to show they respect and appreciate you, too. 

 A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage WeddingA North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding   A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding

What was your inspiration for your wedding details and/or design?

Our venue.  Before we were engaged, Colter and I just happened to walk through the Bellamy Mansion one Saturday while we were in downtown Wilmington.  A sweet older lady had been watching us, and told Colt that he would make a wonderful husband one day.  She was right!

A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding

What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Our ceremony.  I spent the majority of the planning on the party, but the ceremony turned out to be my favorite part of the day.  

A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding A North Carolina Southern Vintage Wedding

What is your best piece of advice for other brides?

Don’t worry!  Some things will go wrong, but the little mishaps turn into great stories after the wedding!

Photos by KMI Photography

Coastal Knot Weddings | Meghan & Drew

We are so excited to share with you this romantic December wedding. Meghan was such a joy to work with and we are so delighted that she chose us to be a small part of her big day. The love that Drew and Meghan share is so special and evident throughout this post. Check it out!


Tell us about finding your wedding dress. How did you know it was the one?

When it came to my wedding dress, I had no idea what I was looking for. I didn’t have a specific “vision” in mind, but I found that this made the search more of an adventure! I visited several different bridal boutiques in Wilmington with my Mother and found many dresses and styles I adored, but my problem was that I loved way too many and I could not make up my mind!

During my dress adventure, my sweet father-in-love stumbled upon this sweet little bridal boutique on his mail route in Shallotte called The Coastal Knot. He and my mother-in-love told me that I should check it out some time and I am so glad I did! As soon as I walked through the door, I felt right at home. Amanda was amazing! She made me feel like the only bride in the world and it was evident that finding my wedding dress was just as important to her as it was to me. She understood me and showed incredible patience and kindness throughout my indecisiveness and doubt. It felt like I tried on 35 dresses before I finally found the one I knew I would wear when I promised forever to Drew. My dress was all the dresses I loved in one dress! I fell in love with the sweetheart neckline, the rouging and the lace embroidered around the middle. I nicknamed my dress “buttons” because of the romantic, vintage buttons that ran all the way down the train. I was completely smitten as I finally stood in my dress. I knew I had found my “vision” and I could not wait for Drew to see me in it!


Tell us all about the proposal. How did he do it?

When Drew asked me to be his girlfriend, he asked if I would take a leap of faith with him and “risk the ocean”. That little phrase has always been close to our hearts. On our first date, God told me Drew would be my husband, but of course, I had no idea what His timeline would be.

Drew and I started dating my senior year of college. We had been dating for 9 months when I decided to complete six weeks of my student teaching overseas in Kuwait. It was the first time we experienced what a long distance relationship was like. It’s true what they say, that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I missed him so much while I was away, but it helped when the internet cooperated long enough for us to Skype! Drew was so sweet and supportive during my time in Kuwait. I knew he was husband material by the way he so selflessly wanted me to achieve my dream of teaching in a foreign country. On December 6, 2011, I returned from my Kuwaiti adventure and found Drew waiting for me at the airport. I knew he was picking me up and I could not wait to wrap my arms around him! When I saw him standing there, my heart started pounding. I walked toward him in what felt like slow motion and he greeted me with the warmest embrace. He told me “You just crossed the ocean, so you know how big it is. Will you risk the ocean with me?–(he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring ever!)–Will you marry me?” I was so surprised by his proposal and overjoyed that he would be my husband! I believe my exact response was “YES! Please let me marry you!” I had never been more confident about a decision in my whole life. Drew is so good! He even hired a photographer to capture the proposal. He also planned a surprise get-together with our friends so we were able to celebrate and share all of our excitement after we left the airport. It was definitely one of the best nights of my life.


What inspired your color palette or theme?

The vintage, romantic theme for a wedding has always captured my eye so that’s what I chose, and when we decided on a December wedding date, I also added a tad of winter wonderland to the theme. I wanted romance and wintery softness to be portrayed on our special day. For my bridesmaids, I chose a neutral color palette with soft colors: beige, cream, champagne, and blush. For my honorary bridesmaids, I chose an accent color of either gray or silver. My girls picked their own dresses in the palette I chose for them. It was so much fun to see their different styles and colors come together on the day of the wedding! The groomsmen wore champagne colored vests and ties with black pants, while Drew wore a white vest and tie with his black pants and jacket. The wedding party looked so great all together!


What were some elements about your day that made it distinctly “you?”

There were many elements about our special day that made it distinctly “us”. We chose Saint Thomas Preservation Hall because it was downtown Wilmington. Downtown is a special location for us. It is where we had our first date and where Drew asked me to be his girlfriend. Getting married in Wilmington was special to us because it is where we met and fell in love.

We had a gigantic wedding party because we love a lot of people and we have been blessed with many friends!

My dad passed away when I was a little girl, so I put a tiny picture of him in a charm and pinned it on my bouquet so he was there with me in that way.

Traditionally, just the father walks the bride into her wedding, but I had both my mom and my step-dad walked me down the aisle–I didn’t want it any other way.

Drew and I wrote our own vows for one another. We had a time of worship and a feet washing ceremony.

The groomsmen wore Christmas socks with jingle bells on them.

My talented father-in-love made gorgeous homemade burlap rosette boutonnieres for all the guys–No one else in the world would be able to make those as well as he did!

Our food was a mixture of our favorite things, from funfetti cupcakes to macaroni and cheese bowls!

Drew loves football so we incorporated that into the garter toss.

I made heart shaped ornaments as favors for our guests.

We ended the night with a special last dance to Taylor Swift’s song, “Today was a Fairytale”.

After our last dance, we said goodbye to our guests and rode off in a vintage British taxi to begin our life together!


What was your favorite moment about that day?

I have so many favorite moments about that day, but I will only tell you about a few:

-My bridesmaids planned a special “Prayer Breakfast” for me that morning. It was the best way to begin the day. It helped us all get our minds and eyes focused on Jesus and the holiness and specialness the day held for Drew and I. One of my bridesmaids lead us in a few worship songs, while another great friend and mentor of mine lead us in a meaningful devotion. I will always remember the way my ladies laid their hands on me and lifted my marriage and my future up to Heaven.

-I did two “first looks”; one with my bridesmaids and another with my step-dad. Both moments were so special to me!

-A sight I will never forget is when the double doors opened and I got to see Drew’s face for the first time at the end of that beautiful aisle! It was the moment I had dreamt about my whole life. The love for him that overwhelmed me in that moment is too much for words.

-Drew and I had a specific vision for our ceremony. We wanted to give God all the glory for the love we share and for bringing us together. We incorporated a time of praise and worship in our ceremony. Our first act as husband and wife was washing each other’s feet. It was one of the most beautiful and intimate moments of my life


If you could give one piece of advice to future brides, what would it be?

Your wedding day is ONE day—yes, it is important…yes, it will be the best day of your life, but just the best day SO FAR—After the wedding is over, your marriage begins. Don’t forget to spend some time planning your marriage as you plan your beautiful wedding.


Coastal Knot Weddings | Hannah & Matt

We are so excited to share with you this weeks Coastal Knot Wedding. This Easter weekend wedding will surely get you in the mood for spring! We love how intimate and special Hannah and Matt’s big day was. Check it out!


Tell us about finding your wedding dress. How did you know it was the one?

I had gone to a few wedding dress shops prior to Coastal Knot and wasn’t able to see even a single dress that I remotely liked. I went to a shop that only wanted me to look through magazines they ordered from, another that would only let me try on one gown at a time, and another popular store where the lady was helping me and another girl at the same time and all the dresses were inside plastic and you couldn’t see them. But walking into Coastal Knot, my mom, sister and I ended up being the only ones in the store and all the beautiful dresses were hanging up, and I was able to take my time and try each dress. The dress I chose was the first I tried on, and even after trying a few more, I knew it was the one. It is difficult to find dresses that aren’t strapless, had a lace and antique look, and were fitted, but Coastal Knot had a great selection. Once I tried it back on a second time after trying a few others, I had this overwhelming satifaction — a feeling I thought I wouldn’t have had — and we all had a good cry haha.



Tell us all about the proposal. How did he do it?

Matt and I dated a little over 5 years, and he knows I hate surprises and being in the middle of public as the center of attention. Little did I know that he had been designing my ring for about three months. I kept thinking he was going to do it at the beach over the summer, and he knew that, so he waited and truly surprised me one day at his house while we were taking down wall paper in his bathroom. I was at the tip top of the ladder, bucket in hand, stretched out over the top of the tub, when he asks me to hand him something. Annoyed, I looked behind me thinking what could I possible hand him, and he was down on one knee, with the most perfect ring, said a lot of things I don’t remember, and asked me to marry him. Though I hate surprises, he did it perfectly and I was so shocked he had to ask me a few times before I could answer. It was a good Friday the 13th.

What inspired your color pallet or theme?

I knew I wanted to get married in the spring, and I had actually had no idea March 30th, was Easter weekend til about halfway through the engagement. Luckily it wasn’t a problem with any of the vendors, and the country club we got married at was able to use all of our flowers the next day for Easter lunch. I of course started looking through magazines and Pinterest, and found just about everything I had pinned was a blush pink palette, so that’s what I ran with. My florist was amazing and we chose all white flowers at the ceremony, and then white and pink flowers for the bouquets and center pieces which consisted of white roses and hydrangeas, and pink peonies and roses with greenery. I wanted it to have a vintage spring feel, so we used white antique doilies I collected from antique stores, some were my grandmothers and great aunts, and used those on the tables with the flowers. I also used milk glass, a huge white crocheted quilt on the table that greeted the guests where they signed in and had sparklers for the exit. The accidental Easter weekend worked out good with my pastel colors, so I used an Easter basket for the programs, Easter colored pastel candies for the candy bar, and heart shaped pink white flower packets for wedding favors. My sister painted a bare tree on a canvas and my guests signed and thumbprinted it, so I used birds as our cake topper to tie that in, and we incorporated Easter lillies as well in the boutonnieres, and ceremony flowers. I also used wedding photos of my and Matt’s parents and grandparents around our cake, and layered doilies on the cake table. My mother in law had white easter baskets filled with flowers for the tables at the Rehearsal dinner. My sister got her maid of honor blush pink dress at Coastal Knot, and my bridesmaids wore a slightly darker colored blush with dresses they rented from Little Borrowed Dress. We wanted things stress free and laid back, so my husband and his groomsmen wore their own black suits and white shirts, and we bought them matching black ties.



What were some elements about your day that made it distinctly “you?”

I think the best thing about weddings is when people do them true to the couple, and they aren’t cookie cutter. When I was looking through stuff while engaged, I always loved seeing the unique spin people put on them. We had a very small and intimate ceremony — about 40 people. We had always talked about doing a foot washing as an act of servanthood and respect for eachother, how Jesus washed His disciples feet, so we incorporated that into our vows and used my grandmothers bowl and pitcher. We also had candles on the piano that represented our grandparents that had passed away, and a large central candle for Matt’s dad that has passed, which was in a hurricane candleholder that my aunt used at her wedding. I had my mom’s pearls she wore on her wedding day tied around my bouquet, and wore her garter as my something borrowed and blue. I scanned a photo of Matt and his dad when he was young, and cut it out and put it in a locket and presented it to Matt when we did our first look. I wrote on the back that he would be able to keep his dad close on our wedding day, and pinned it to the inside of his jacket. We had baby pictures at the foyer where guests came in and got their program, the candy bar was loaded with all our favorite candies and bags I hand stamped for guests to take them home in. My mom’s friend printed our invitations and programs on her printer, and my husband made the signs outside greeting the guests and my sister painted them. At our wedding cake table where people were stamping the tree with their thumb prints, I had a bowl of alcohol pads there to use to clean up, and had a sign there stamping I always kept some on hand, since I’m a nurse. I knew we wanted good food so we combined our favorites — fried chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, rolls, corn on the cob, a salad bar, pecan pie, and two kinds of cobbler. After we got married we took a few minutes to ourselves to relish in that we had done it, signed our license and got in line with everyone to eat. We made it a priority to sit down, look around, and eat with everyone before we got up to greet them, so that we could soak it all in. We also had no special singing during the ceremony and kept it short and simple, no garter or bouquet toss at the reception, and chose to repeat vows and then share our own personal vows just to each other later on. I think during a wedding it is so important to do the things you want, and to keep you and your spouse completely comfortable at all times. Before we left I changed out of my dress and veil and into a short dress and birdcage fascinator, and we were able to run under our sparklers three times since they lasted so long! We also bought to go cartons so everyone could bring home cake.

Hannah_+_Matt_Nunn_Wedding_145 Hannah_+_Matt_Nunn_Wedding_172


What was your favorite moment about that day?

I think having a the first look was something so special that I will always remember. It was a way for us to see eachother prior to the wedding, to take off that added pressure, and we were able to get all of our wedding photos done before the wedding. I could hear Matt crying before I even got up to him to turn him around, and I won’t ever forget that. Another was walking with my dad down the aisle and him talking to me, and once we made that turn and I saw everyone we loved there staring back at us, it was a wonderful feeling of home and love. I immediately started crying — which was the one and only time I cried that day.


If you could give one piece of advice to future brides, what would it be?

To be true to yourself and do the things that aren’t trendy or expensive or cookie cutter just because everyone else is. Make sure you and your spouse are comfortable at all times during the process, and communicating what is going on. It’s so easy to do what everyone else is doing, or what is in the magazines or Pinterest, but it’s even better looking back on it and knowing you wouldn’t change a single thing. Whether it’s the location, the size of the wedding party, how many guests you’re inviting, etc. make sure it’s what YOU want, and not what someone else is pressuring you to do or not do. And take the time to soak it in, just you and your spouse, because you never get that moment again.









Coastal Knot Weddings | Maggie & Sam

We are so excited to share our very own bride, Maggie, and her wedding day. You may remember reading about her here. Their wedding was both magical and fun! This is one Christmas wedding you won’t forget!


Tell us about finding your wedding dress. How did you know it was the one?

When I started my wedding dress hunt I had no idea what I wanted. I started at Coastal Knot Bridal and then I went pretty much everywhere there is to go around here. The service at Coastal Knot Bridal was far better than anything I experienced anywhere else- and I can say that because I wasn’t working for them then!  I loved everything about a ball gown but being so small I didn’t know how that would look on me. It didn’t help that my future husband was very opinionated. He asked me to steer clear of anything mermaid, so that helped narrow it down some. I consider myself to be a traditional southern girl, so I figured lace was where I was going to end up. After trying on numerous ball gowns, and lace gowns, everything seemed to be overpowering me. Finally a few days later, after searching what felt like the world for a gown, my mom and I stumbled upon a tulle drop waist ball gown, with rhinestone buttons trailing all the way down the long train. I knew I wanted to try it but my mom was pretty skeptical, she didn’t think it had enough “Bling.” Amanda paired it with a blusher veil with tear drop crystals hanging from the edge. It was perfection. After my mom saw it with the veil she knew too that it was the one. It had the ball gown feel, but since it had a tight bodice it didn’t over power me. It was nothing I had ever envisioned myself in, but yet it was everything I had dreamed of. It was very me. Fun, classic, and just a tad bit sexy. It was just that much more special that I got to experience finding my wedding dress with my mom.

Tell us all about the proposal. How did he do it?

Oh the proposal story. Sam had a big proposal planned- my birthday was early December. He had enlisted my mom, dad and my friend Blair to help him pull it off. He was going to take me out to dinner, and have them prepare a camp fire at my house with blankets and s’mores. He was then going to pop the question. However once he had the ring in his possession, he couldn’t wait another month. It was November 15, 2012. We had planned to go Christmas shopping that day. It was raining and kind of yucky so I just threw some clothes on and headed out the door. I could tell something was up but I wasn’t sure what. We made a stop at his house so he could change. Looking back now I understand why he was huffing and puffing, and pacing around but then I didn’t think anything of it. We pulled out the drive and he headed for the beach. I was very confused but he said he needed gas and it was cheaper on the island. He passed the gas station and I started to get worried. He then asked me to get out and walk with him. (Let me just remind you it was raining) So I did. He took me under a gazebo and got down on one knee. I couldn’t tell you what he said, I just remember I kept repeating “Are you kidding me?” Finally he asked if that was a yes and put the ring on my finger. It was so Sam which made it so perfect.


What inspired your color pallet or theme?

We decided to have a long engagement and get married at Christmas. We wanted to keep the Christmas feel but with our own twist. So we did bright red, silver and white. We incorporated red and white stripes to add a candy cane touch- and we also incorporated some Braves elements for Sam. It was very us.


What were some elements about your day that made it distinctly “you?”

Where do I even begin- we put all of our time into making it “us”. We didn’t want a wedding that you see everywhere else. We tried hard to incorporate everything that I love, and that Sam loves. We had a hotdog stand, a Braves Jersey guestbook, and baseball cookie favors for Sam. He tossed my garter to the Tomahawk Chop.  We also had a foam finger exit- which was one of my favorite details. I wore a braves garter and sparkly red converses, which was very me. A few of my details were our monogrammed napkins, wreathes, and cake topper. If you know me at all, you know I love a monogram. We both got lucky with having musically inclined family members so we got to have our family play music at our wedding- which was so much fun. We also displayed our families wedding pictures. We wouldn’t be who we are today without them, and all of their marriages are great examples of Godly marriages, and how we want our marriage to be. So that was special to us. We also wrote our own vows instead of recite the traditional ones, and we decided to opt out of a sand ceremony or a unity candle. Instead we took communion with both sets of parents. I will cherish those memories forever.


What was your favorite moment about that day?

Well first off, marrying the man of my dreams, but I had so many!  I would have to say when my bridesmaid’s all took hands to pray for me before it all started. It was something I will never forget. Each one of those girls are so special to me and hearing such sweet words about Sam and I was so touching. We were literally all in tears at one point. My other favorite was getting to the end of the aisle and seeing Sam whisper the words “You came!?!” was nothing short of hilarious, and it helped calm my nerves. I love that man.


If you could give one piece of advice to future brides, what would it be?

To enjoy the process, and enjoy the people helping you in the process. Our family was a huge help and I loved getting to experience the year of planning with them. There was never an argument, which was so special to me.




** All photos by Amber Rhodes | Amber Rhodes Photography

Coastal Knot Weddings | Whitney & Josh

We are beyond excited to share with you our sweet bride, Whitney, and her beautiful wedding. Her beach theme day was so perfect for the coast. Fun touches of coral and tan will make you love everything about this wedding. We had the pleasure of working with both Williams sisters- both are sweet as pie. Take a look!


Tell us about finding your wedding dress. How did you know it was the one?

I had been to several places looking for a dress and I knew what styles I like based on what I had seen in pictures online and in magazines, but wanted to try on a few different styles to see what I liked on me. The first place I went was a chain and was quite overwhelming. There were tons of dresses and all were sealed in bags. The clerk who helped me wanted me to show her the styles I liked and she would pick out dresses for me, making me feel rushed and limited. I, on the other hand, wanted to look through the dresses myself and pick out what I liked. So after trying on many dresses I left still feeling overwhelmed and no where closer to finding a dress than when I started. The way I envisioned my “dress finding experience” was quite different from my experience at the first store. I wanted it to be a relaxing, fun, leisurely experience…I wanted to feel like a princess. I went to a few other places and had similar experiences. I found dresses I liked, but had yet to find “the” dress. I put the dress search on hold for a few weeks until I came home to Sunset Beach to visit my family. My mom, sister, grandmother, and a few bridesmaids went with me to Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique in Shallotte. They had not been opened long and we decided to check them out. I immediately had a good feeling because when we walked in the dresses were not in bags and hanging on the walls where you could really see them! Amanda and her mother immediately came over to assist me and helped me pick out several dresses. By this point I knew I liked the a-line style but was torn between tulle or satin. After trying on several dresses I came to one dress that was half satin half tulle. I tried it on and walked out to the 3 tiered mirror and I immediately knew that this dress was the one! I loved everything about it! I had such a great experience at Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique. Finding your wedding dress is about more than just the dress, it’s a whole experience and it should be enjoyable and stress free. They made me feel so special and they didn’t rush me. They allowed me and my friends and family to truly enjoy the experience.

1 Whitney Bridal Portrait Duke Mansion Charlotte NC

2 Whitney Dress


Tell us all about the proposal. How did he do it?

I lived in Wilmington at the time and Josh lived in Greensboro. We visited each other as much as we could. I was doing an internship in Wilmington and was working that Friday and Josh was coming up to visit me. He told me he wanted to take me out for dinner and had made reservations at a fondue place on the waterway. I got home from work and changed and we headed out for dinner. Dinner was fabulous! After dinner Josh wanted to walk along the waterway. I don’t remember what we talked about but he was being more quiet than usual. It was beautiful along the waterway. We walked through some trees that were decorated with white lights. Then he turned and dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring, and popped the question! It was a perfect night! Afterward, we met up with some friends in Wilmington and celebrated!


What inspired your color pallet or theme?

I knew I wanted a beach theme having grown up at the beach and knowing we would get married near the beach. Josh first had the idea of incorporating orange since we met at Campbell University and that was one of their colors. After much research online and in magazines as well as finding a bridesmaid dress I fell in love with at Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique and loving the color of the sample dress I decided to go with more of a coral orange. Everything else in the wedding I matched to a swatch of the bridesmaid dress I picked.

5 Whitney Josh WeddingParty


What were some elements about your day that made it distinctly “you?”

Our wedding favors were prescription bottles filled with M&M’s with personalized labels, designed by Josh. We decided on those since I am a Pharmacist. We also had a set of scales on the favor table which represented the fact that Josh would soon be a lawyer. We hand-made many things at our wedding including the table numbers, place cards, favors, and several center pieces.

8 Whitney Josh Scales

9 Whitney Josh Favors


What was your favorite moment about that day?

It’s tough to pick a favorite because the entire day was so much fun, but I have to go with our first look. We met at a tiny chapel in Sea Trail near the reception hall before the ceremony for a first look. It was wonderful getting to see each other for the first time that day all dressed up. We were able to see each other and have a few minutes to talk and just be together before the ceremony and reception and being surrounded by friends and family for the rest of the evening.

3 Whitney Josh First Look


If you could give one piece of advice to future brides, what would it be?

Odds are, everything is not going to go the way you want or expect it to on your wedding day. Plan as best you can, and when your day comes around, just go with it and enjoy it! And for that matter, enjoy the whole experience! It’s your day! It’s your wedding! And at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you get to marry the love of your life.

**Pictures by Kristin and Aaron Byrum of Kristin Byrum Photography


4 Whitney Josh First Look Chapel on the Green Sea Trail Sunset Beach

6 Whitney Details


7 Whitney Josh Sea Trail Sunset Beachwhiteny 3

Coastal Knot Weddings | Ashley & Justin

We are so happy to announce that we are starting a new blog series- Coastal Knot Weddings! We are delighted to get to share with you some of our very own brides and their special day. We have so much fun working with each bride, getting to know their personality and their own specific style. When we see their wedding pictures roll in we get so excited to see all their dreams come true! We wanted to kick off our new series with our beautiful bride Ashley. There is nothing we love more than a beautiful and romantic rustic wedding- and this one will pull on your heart strings! Ashley was a joy to work with while hunting for the perfect wedding dress and boy did she look stunning. See for yourself!


Tell us about finding your wedding dress. How did you know it was the one?

As Amanda can tell you, I started quite early. I didn’t feel the need to go to several boutiques to get dress overload on my mind. I knew I wanted to go to a small boutique that had fabulous, classic taste. I also had been to Davids Bridal and Coastal Knot with my sister earlier and noticed a HUGE difference in the way the clients are treated. I knew immediately I wanted to work with Amanda at Coastal Knot Bridal. I struggled a little with the style I wanted in my wedding gown. At first, I was going for a comfortable empire-waist gown that was comfortable and princess like. But then Justin kept throwing subtle hints about how attractive fitted gowns were. So I opted to try on what you might call a trumpet or mermaid style gown. I knew I wanted a romantic, sweetheart top gown. I tried on a gown I loved that had ruffles galore. But then Amanda asked me to wait. She had ordered a gown that would be in the following month and she said she really had a good feeling about it. A month went by, I got the call from the boutique, rounded up my mother and mother-in-law, tried on the new gown, and absolutely fell in love. It was romance wrapped in a gown. Pure Perfection.

Tell us all about the proposal. How did he do it?

On Saturday afternoon, Justin had called saying that he wanted to take me out to lunch and said I could choose wherever I wanted to go. So, of course, being typical me.. I choose to go to Beaches Burgers in OIB. We had an extremely enjoyable lunch devouring some of the messiest cheeseburgers ever! After lunch, we headed back to my house and he kept telling me he had a surprise for me. When we arrived at my house he uncovered a game that I had bought him for our four-year-anniversary. It’s a super cheesy game called lovopoly that I customized to match our “dating” life together. I was so excited because I have wanted to play this game forever and he always reminded me how cheesy I am when it comes to love :) . We started setting up the game and it didn’t take long for us to really get into it. For every space you landed on that had a special place or event that took place in your life you had to tell your favorite memory. However, there is one space on the board that you can’t buy.. in fact.. its priceless. On the priceless space I had put “Spending the rest of our lives together”. Justin just to happened to land on that space and upon landing on it.. he asked what he was supposed to do on that space. So I start reading through ALL the directions trying to find what he was supposed to do and I found it. In the directions it says that you have to make a promise to each other and complete it by the end of the game. After reading all of that to him I looked up to see if he was actually listening and he was down.. on one knee.. box in hand.. opened.. with a GORGEOUS RING inside! He then asked if I would make a promise to spend the rest of my life with him.. and of course I said yes!!! (after saying “are you kidding?” “dont joke” “are you for real?!” over and over again.) We laughed like kids for hours saying we couldn’t believe we were actually getting married. We still have our heads in the clouds


What inspired your color palette or theme?

Themes and color palettes are so hard to decide on. I went through so many before I found the right one. I wanted rustic, classic colors that I wouldn’t look back and say “Wow, ash, what were you thinking?” haha. I wanted the fairy tale. You know… soft, romantic, light, and sweet colors. I chose to go with a blush pink, light green, and beige with pops of dark rustic brown.


What were some elements about your day that made it distinctly “you?”

I hate to say that my wedding was strictly about me, because it really wasn’t. It was all about Justin and I. We were able to incorporate us in so many ways. First, the music. When we were given choices for things to play during the wedding, we had heard just about all the classical music we could hear (not really our taste) So, we worked up the nerve to ask the pianist if she could play more modern music. She had to order and learn the pieces, but she was able to play love story by Taylor Swift, Marry Me by Train, God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flats, and Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole. It was so laid back and had a fun vibe to it.

We also picked our own vows. We didn’t write them word for word ourselves. But we edited and picked and chose what meant something to us. And here is what we decided on:

“I take you to be my (husband/wife), my partner in life and my one true love. In the presence of our God, I promise to cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.”

Another thing we did was make homemade jam as our wedding favors… Champagne Blush (my pick) and Strawberry Kiwi (His pick). It took a lot of time but making 175 mini jars of jam can be done!


We picked to have our wedding in a church and our reception at an old log cabin right on the water. Justin has always been close to the ocean and my heart will always love the sea. We have spent many days and nights by the water. It something very dear to our hearts and very significant in our relationship. Because sometimes the seas are rough and the waters deep, yet they can produce the greatest adventures and most glorious outcomes…. this is true for Justin and I.

We tried to keep the wedding as low key as we could. We wanted it to be fun and comfortable. We chose to serve comfort food from Art Catering in Shallotte, NC. The food included: BBQ, slaw, sweet potato casserole, stewed squash and onions, and more. We still get compliments on the food! We just wanted everyone to have fun!




What was your favorite moment about that day?

Seeing the man of my dreams waiting for me at the end of that aisle and making him my forever love.



If you could give one piece of advice to future brides, what would it be?

Take it all in. Step back, even if just for a moment… look around… and thank God for it all.




Sweet Southern Wedding

Here at Coastal Knot Bridal we love everything about a sweet southern wedding. There is nothing better than a good monogram, pecan pie, and drinking sweet tea from a mason jar. Here are a few of our favorite southern wedding ideas that we are swooning over.

 There’s nothing better than serving your signature drink out of a mason jar.

A beautiful lace dress. We can help you on this one!


A monogrammed veil to complete that wedding look.

Boiled peanuts and bow ties.

A pie bar, of course.


And last but not least, no southern celebration would be complete without a good game of corn hole.

What are some ideas you are using at your southern wedding?

Meet Maggie!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our wonderful “bride” turned “consultant”…Maggie!  We first met Maggie almost a year ago when she began the search for her own wedding dress…instantly we were a bit smitten with Ms. Maggie.  Her unique ability to combine traditional elegance, with her own touch of originality (she will be wearing converses for wedding shoes) made her an instant hit with us! Combined with her incredibly sweet personality and desire to make every bride feel stunning on their big day, she makes the perfect addition to Coastal Knot!

Plus she’s a Braves fan…

View More:


View More:



Jenna + Jeremy

Check out these wonderful shots by Dana Laymon of our bride Jenna’s Southport wedding. We were thrilled to get to know Jenna and her mother in the months leading up to her big day, and loved being able to help incorporate so many family memories into her wedding day ensemble.  From re-making her mother’s veil to adding her grandmother’s broche to her sash, every detail had an enormous amount of love in it!









The tradition in Southport is to fire the canon after the ceremony! Boy, is it loud!






































Wedding Dress//Coastal Knot, Casablanca
Venue//Southport Community Center
Wedding Planner//A Shindig Events
Photographer//Dana Laymon Photography
Videographer//Light Canon Films
Florist//Fiore Fine Flowers
Cake//Imaginary Cakes
Caterer//A Thyme Savor Catering
DJ//DJ Professionals and Video
Hair and Makeup//Beauty at the Beach
Men’s Suits//Men’s Wearhouse
Lighting//High Performance Lighting
Rentals//L&L Rentals

Bohemian Bride


We are loving this super chic boho look for our summer brides. This super sleek and fashion forward trend will have people awing over your wedding style forever. Check out some of these awesome veils from real weddings!



bride and groom

modified head wrap veil #boho

bride and groom